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Water Softener Iron Filter and R/O System Rentals

Duo-Water Conditioning Inc. installs and maintains all models of water conditioning systems. These filtration systems correct a variety of problems and create general water improvement. Quality water extends the life of plumbing, water heaters, and water using appliances, making cleaning and laundering more efficient. Duo Water designs self-regenerating water conditioning systems that provide clean soft water to all areas. Our water softeners can be designed and manufactured to meet special applications. Moreover, Duo Water offers a variety of unit sizes to meet specific plumbing and space requirements.

Available Rental Equipment

Duo Water Inc. offers on demand softeners to rent with low monthly payments. Our rentals do not require a long term contract and are done on a month by month basis. Any service or repairs done to the softener is covered at 100% under the rental fee. Installation may vary based on current plumbing. Pre-existing electric and plumbing must be present. Here at Duo Water Inc. we pride ourselves on customer service and believe in total customer satisfaction.

Duo Water's Recommended Rental Unit


The WS1 Series Water Softeners feature durable noryl plastic control heads, quick connect bypass assembly, demand meter regeneration, solid-state microprocessor, water flow indicator, soft water remaining display, 8 hour batter back up and up to 18 GPM flow rate.  Various sizes available to meet special applications.  Very efficient softening units due to the demand meter regeneration feature.

Puritan CLEE Model Features:
American Made . 5 Year Warranty . Lifetime Tank Warranty
Premium Grade Resin . Quick Connect Bypass . Electronic Timer

30,000 Capacity I 350 lbs Salt Storage I 15lbs MAX SALTING
Compare at $69.99
Now Only $30-32 p/month

Duo Water's Recommended Iron Filter


Duo’s Iron Trap removes the iron and odor from your water.  This system requires no chemicals or salt for the regeneration process.  The iron trap features noryl plastic, regenerating control, proven filtration media, electronic timer, ¾” or 1” hook-up, quick connect bypass and an internal check valve.
The Iron Trap combines a unique blend of filtration media with oxygen (air) to create an environment where the iron in the water will settle out and become trapped in the filter media.  The trapped iron is then periodically flushed from the tank and sent to a nearby drain.  Small amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas “rotten egg odor” can also be removed by this process.  The typical residential iron trap uses a 10 x 54 media tank, a unique blend of filtration media, and a 1” high flow back washing control valve.

Puritan Iron Filter System
Compare at $59.99
Now Only $30-32 p/month

Duo Water's Recommended Rental Unit

Duo's Reverse Osmosis Water System

Duo Water's Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System consists of several state of the art features.  These features include a patented design, a high capacity tank, a compact system, automatic shut-off with maximum production.  The Reverse Osmosis System creates delicious, sparkling-clear drinking water and ice cubes.  Enjoy fresh, clean drinking water ready at your faucet without the cost and hassle of bottled water.  Reverse Osmosis water is safe for your pets and aquarium. 

Complete Reverse Osmosis System
Compare at $69.99
Now Only $30-32 p/month

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Learn More About Duo Water

Duo-Water has been independently owned and locally operated since its establishment in 1980. Duo-Water is located in Pittsboro, Indiana but not limited to service only in this area. We offer all services to all of the Greater Indianapolis area as well as the greater Terre Haute area.

Duo-Water Conditioning, Inc., not only offers a full line of residential products but is also experienced in Commercial/Industrial applications: (ex: Hotels, Factories, Schools, Car Washes). Many companies will try to fit your water problem to the product they sell. Because product lines do NOT limit us, we can customize the system to correct your specific problem.

For years, our interest and concern with the quality of water has been both personal and professional. We're committed to offering you the best products and service. If you experience water problems, simply call our friendly service professionals for quick and courteous attention to any needs you may have.

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